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In Rail Route, you will design, construct, upgrade, and automate your railway network in one of the many maps based on real-life cities worldwide. Dispatch the trains to make the traffic flow and the network grow!

Rail Route: A New Journey in Railway Management Simulation

Rail Route is an innovative railway network simulation game. Players have the opportunity to design, build, and expand their own rail system, transforming a small network into a complex and thriving railway.

Starting with just a few stations, players design railway lines, manage contracts, and watch their first train complete its route. As the network expands, the game unlocks new technologies, introducing more trains and automation tools. This isn’t just adding new features – each expansion increases complexity, testing the player’s strategy and planning abilities.

The game’s design is minimalist yet packed with layers of complexity. Reflecting the familiar screen of a train dispatcher, it provides an intuitive interface that’s easy to understand yet teems with depth. As the network expands, the design’s complexity and authenticity shine, truly capturing the challenge of rail management.

Players have the freedom to create their ultimate rail network across real-world city maps, facing high-pressure, time-sensitive scenarios where quick decision-making is essential. The satisfaction of perfect scheduling and the thrill of overcoming wave after wave of challenges make Rail Route a rewarding gaming experience.

Rail Route has fostered a vibrant community of creators and railway enthusiasts who design, share, and explore maps that span the globe. Each new map addition brings a new adventure and a new challenge to conquer.

Ready to embrace your inner train enthusiast and dive into the world of Rail Route? It’s time to make the traffic flow and the network grow!


Rail Route has been in active development for more than two years. Numerous free alpha previews were released to the community and the development was heavily directed by the received feedback. We launched into early access in June 2021 to huge success, and we now have a 5000-strong community Discord server where we discuss updates, feedback, and community-made maps. We continue to update Rail Route on a regular basis, chugging along to our full release!




About started as two friends working on a passion project. Now, just two years later, it has expanded into a vibrant team of developers, designers and musicians – all working to create the greatest dispatching game out there. Rail Route – their first title – boasts over 1000 Steam reviews and a Discord community of 8000 loyal fans. Bitrich continues to provide regular updates to Rail Route as they chug their way towards the full release.

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E-mail: [email protected] LTD
Kalymnou 1
“Q MERITO”, 4th floor
Agio Nikolaos, Kamares, 6037 Larnaca, Cyprus
VAT ID: CY10426342O

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