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You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

Demo R0.4 Released – From the Beginnings!

Download (Windows)

What is New

Almost everything! Except rails, trains, contracts and basic map layout (Prague, again).

From the beginning, you will control manual switches and semaphores. You can expand your network by buying platforms and building rails, but you have to research the control room upgrades to operate more stations. Automated semaphores are helpful component indeed and you can use them after you research and buy them.


Research is fueled by experience points earned by flawless dispatching of each train (i. e. without delay). Once you chose particular technology to be researched, experience points starts to accumulate. When fully researched, you can proceed to other item. Note that experience points are wasted if no research item is selected so remember to look after No Research indicator (blinking research button)

Buying and Building

Buying and building is paid by money earned by dispatching trains. You can not build through existing platforms and “walls” – there are city quarters, parks and factories unsuitable for demolition.

Receiving Incoming Trains

Giving full control to your hands, you receive each incoming train manually, similar to contract acceptance. Just watch & click what blinks! With The Automation (next demo), you will be able to automate this operation (and many others as well)

Save & Load

Pause, save & load is now available! It was quite complex to implement it so please let us know if you find a problem.


We deserve your feedback! We would like to steer the game development according to gamer’s needs so we decided to grant a life-time license to end product to everybody who helpfully answers these questions (either by a comment or via e-mail):

  1. How much time did you spend playing the game?
  2. Which stations did you connect to your network (except Bubny, Dejvice, Docks)?
  3. Did you find the game play intuitive from the beginning? Have you had any problems with the understanding of what’s going on?
  4. Was it intuitive to you how to receive the incoming trains? Why not?
  5. Was it intuitive to control the switches and semaphores? If not, why?
  6. Was it intuitive how contracts work? If not, why?
  7. Was it intuitive how research works? If not, why?
  8. Was it intuitive how building / buying works? If not, why?
  9. What did you like the least?
  10. What did you like the most?
  11. Do you have any idea what we should definitely add into the game?


There is no installer, you just:

  1. Download the demo.
  2. Extract the downloaded file where you want.
  3. Run railroute.exe.
Download (Windows)

Available for PC  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

By Published On: November 23rd, 201811 Comments

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  1. Ray 24. 11. 2018 at 03.20 - Reply

    Love the changes..especially research!

  2. Kocicak 01. 12. 2018 at 16.16 - Reply

    1) Hraním předchozí verze hry bez možnosti stavět jsem strávil asi 12 hodin, dneska jsem si stáhnul tuhle verzi hry a strávil jsem u toho asi 2 hodiny a zítra si zahraju zas 🙂
    2) Kvůli bugu při změnách rychlosti (viz. níže) bohužel pouze Masarykovo nádraží.
    3) Hra byla po spuštění intuitivní, jak tahle verze tak i předchozí (Ale myslím, že pro některé hráče by se tutoriál hodil)
    4) Ano
    5) Ano
    6) Ano
    7) Ano
    8) Ano, jen jsem měl problém s tim že když je někde moc kolejí nejde už další postavit, pak jsem ale pochopil jak to funguje.
    9) a 10): Hra je opravdu super, oceňuji možnost stavět koleje i to, že se mapa postupně odemyká.
    11) Tak přidat by jste měli trať Praha-Smíchov – Praha-Řeporyje – Rudná a Praha-Smíchov sev. nást. – Hostivice, které tam chybí, v budoucnu by bylo fajn kdyby se mapa rozrostla i na další okolí Prahy, také by jste mohli přidat více železničních uzlů a hráč by si vybral který chce hrát, v budoucnu by byl fajn i Multiplayer.
    Taky by se hodilo kdyby při stavbě kolejí byla rovnou možnost navolit si rychlost (Aby se pak nemuselo složitě upgradovat, což občas blbne)
    A SandBox mód 🙂
    Narazil jsem na BUG, že když trochu rychleji měníte rychlost hry, hra se sekne a začne běžet odznova (Výzkum ale zůstane)
    Také když upgradujete koleje, píše to že to stojí peníze, které vám to ale po upgradu nesebere, pro upgrade je ale potřeba ty peníze mít.

    • mithril 01. 12. 2018 at 23.28 - Reply

      Vďaka za feedback!

      • Kocicak 02. 12. 2018 at 09.00 - Reply

        Tak jsem narazil na další problém – hra spadla kvůli rychlým změnám času, naštěstí jsem si jí předtím uložil, ale když jsem jí chtěl načíst ukázalo se tohle https://ctrlv.cz/Ww5V a pořád to psalo loading. Nechal jsem to chvíli běžet ale pořád se nic nezměnilo. (To jedno nástupiště jsem zkusil koupit, vypadalo to jako kdybych všechno musel koupit odznova)

        • angel 03. 12. 2018 at 08.25 - Reply

          Ahoj, pošli nám prosím save game na [email protected]. Koukneme na to. Díky!

        • angel 03. 12. 2018 at 09.17 - Reply

          Ještě se hodilo říct, že save game najdeš v {USER_DIR}\AppData\LocalLow\Bitrich_info\Railroute\game.gd, kde USER_DIR je C:\users\{username}. Složka bývá skrytá.

  3. Matt 03. 12. 2018 at 17.46 - Reply

    I really enjoyed this update, it was a great improvement on the previous version!
    1. I spent around 6 hours playing the game, over 3 sessions.
    2. Each time I only managed to connect Mazaryk station.
    3. The gameplay was generally very easy to understand.
    4. Yes, but I noticed that sometimes if you already had another train or station selected and you clicked on the flashing name, nothing would happen – you had to click in an empty space to clear the other box before you could accept the train.
    5. This was slightly confusing. It was easy to understand how to set routes etc. but at first I was caught out by the way the different types of signals are named. I’m used to the UK method of signal types, where an automatic signal is a standard block signal on a plain line which the signaller has no control over (i.e. it turns red as a train passes, and changes back to green when the train is more than a block away) while a controlled signal would be one at a junction where the signaller has to set a route. After I bought an automatic signal I realised what it ment in the game’s context, and it makes perfect sense, but it might be nice to have definitions of what each type of signal does before you buy them.
    6.The contracts made sense – however I couldn’t figure out how to cancel one. Once I thought I had, but the same service kept returning for the next two hours! I don’t know if this is a bug or something I missed.
    7. Research was very intuitive and a really cool addition to the game! I couldn’t work out how to research different types of trains etc – I’m guessing they aren’t implemented yet, but I’m looking forward for when they do come!
    8. Building and buying was mostly intuitive. It would be useful if you could see how much something was going to cost before you bought it, to make planning expansions easier. With building, it would be great to have a planning mode, where you could lay out track ideas without buying the tracks themselves. I was trying to build a line from Bubny to Podoba but I couldn’t figure out how to get around the Port without cutting off the line from Dejvice – a planning mode would make figuring this out a lot easier! As an afterthought, it would be cool to have tunnels and bridges for complicated junctions, though I imagine they would be very expensive!
    9. Overall, the thing I liked the least was the contract system. It felt very limiting and I feel it slows the game down a bit. For example, I took a contract for a commuter train form Dejvice to Mazaryk, but I only had one platform at Mazaryk, and no money to build a new one. This meant I had to decline other contracts to Mazaryk while I waited for a contract to use the train already there and free up the platform. It would be nice if you could also create your own services, even if they paid less money than a contract. It would let you grow your network faster, and give you more to do as a signaller. I really like the idea of contracts, but I think the system might need a bit of refining.
    I also found a bug which ended my most recent game prematurely. I clicked on the clock, and my game immediately restarted, without saving and without my upgrades.
    10. The thing I liked the most was the building mechanic – it felt very easy and logical to use!
    11. In future versions of the game, I would love:
    A way to create my own services/contracts, like I mentioned above
    Prices next to things you can buy in the shop
    An automatic block signal, which the signaller doesn’t have to set routes for (on plain lines)
    A planning mode when laying tracks
    The possibility for two tracks to cross at 90 degrees
    A way to pause the game
    Bridges and tunnels
    The ability to take loans
    Council/government contracts (e.g. build a line between these stations/serve a station with a particular frequency of trains)
    A free build mode (be able to place your own stations and depots)

    However you decide to develop the game further, I’m sure it will get even better! Well done and please keep up the great work!

    • angel 03. 12. 2018 at 18.52 - Reply

      Hello Mat, thank you very much for the valuable feedback! We really appreciate it and we look into every point you suggesting. They all make sense to me!

      Now I’m working on a train / station automation. That will be huge addition to the game and will allows you to move your focus to more stations than now. Then I look into some of your points :-).

  4. Sebast 16. 12. 2018 at 16.41 - Reply

    I love this game! It’s a little bit like SimSig, but with more bossibilities.
    1. I spent between 3 and 6 hours, and I played one session.
    2. I connected Masaryk station and Liben.
    3. Yes, the game is easy to understand.
    4. Yes, the game show it always.
    5. Yes, except Shunting semaphores. I didn’t use them, because I don’t know how to use them.
    6. Yes.
    7. Yes.
    8. Yes.
    9. After the contract I can’t change the platform and always I have -100 money. And the trains on the switches can pass only with 40 km/h. With an upgrade I vould like if they can go with 60 or 80 km/h.
    10. I like that I can have only the trains that I want and build only the stations I want.
    11. Later I would like to make my own contrancts and change the platform after the contract. I would like too if the trains could go faster on the switches. And I would like to play on more maps and build my own map with an editor, with tutorials and share. For example build Budapest’s metro system, with unlocking the stations, and build tracks. Oh, and more train types. 🙂 This can be a really doog game later. Good luck for the project!

    • Sebast 16. 12. 2018 at 16.42 - Reply

      *Good not doog, sorry!

    • angel 17. 12. 2018 at 08.15 - Reply

      Hello Sebast, thank you for your feedback.

      You are right with the shunting semaphores, train shunting is not implemented yet (but we are working on it :).
      Own contracts is something you surely will see in the game as well as possibility to change the platform.

      According switches, we will look into them. There should be some logic whether the train is going in a straight line or in a turn.

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