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🗺️ Workshop: January Highlights

Hey everyone! Happy new year! I hope these early months are treating everyone well. Let’s talk about the front-page featured levels on the Workshop this time before we have the Update 3 finished.

In case you somehow haven’t noticed, the Steam workshop has this part of the front page where we can personally feature maps, giving a spotlight to some of the more fun and better designed stages the community has made.

You might be wondering how these levels get featured. It’s fairly simple! Some of our community’s best mapmakers go out of their way to play every level available on the workshop, and the ones that are both fair and entertaining are added to a curated list which is frequently updated. Every month or so, we take three levels from the list and put them straight onto the front page to give their creators the recognition they deserve!

Well, “once a month” has arrived; the list is updated, and the featured levels have a new cast to check out:

Tower City

This station certainly has an odd layout to it! it’s your job to manage the commuter traffic in, out, and through the station for a short time while the main dispatcher is out on a break. No need to panick – Lay back and enjoy yourself! Do make sure everything is on time, though.


This map’s got a fairly crazy track layout, but a relatively laid-back, empty schedule… with a ton of signal penalties and odd moves. Be careful! This level doesn’t ask too much out of you, but the things it does ask are anything but a walk in the park!


Now here’s a challenge! Keep up with plenty of mainliine passenger trains and a couple of slow freight trains in a decently-sized dispatching panel. It’s really tricky to line everything up just right, so be prepared to go for a second run if you want that perfect score!

Along with these three maps, the curated list has had some new additions you might want to check out:

  • Tower City
  • Central
  • Red Garden
  • Westend
  • Esbly Junction
  • Termicross
  • Munich Subway
  • York
  • Hamburg Port Railway North

That’s all for today. We’ll be back in a month with more maps to share! Check them out and tell us what do you think of them. See you then!


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Available for PC  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

By Published On: January 6th, 20224 Comments

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  1. Tib0 08. 01. 2022 at 23.16 - Reply

    Do you know if there is a chance to play it on GeForce Now ? 🙏

    • angel 09. 01. 2022 at 18.53 - Reply

      Sorry, I don’t know that service.

    • RTC_Nayoro 10. 01. 2022 at 17.06 - Reply

      I’m playing this on a GeForce GT630. There’s no problems.

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