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Finding The Artist #3

It has been a while after the last post in the series of how we were looking for a good artist. I am sorry for the delay. But today I will show you more of the concepts we got from another guy who worked with us. And these concepts were pretty good. The best we got until then.

Music and Sound

Let me start that we met this artist by a coincidence. I got an email from a composer who had offered us a music and sound for our game. Fortunately (for us, not for him), we already had a Rupert Cole working with us and he were more than happy with his work. So I replied:

“Sorry but we already have a music artist. But if you know a good graphic artist, let us know ;-). We need a good one.”

I did not give it a chance that I will hear from that guy again. But after a few days I got another email with pretty cool portofolio.

New Artist

This new guy was a pleasant to work with. After the initial email he send us his vision to our game right in the form of some concepts. Pretty polished, without requesting the upfront payment and so on. We liked that approach. And I must say the concepts were nice looking

More concepts

Although these concepts were pretty good we went another direction after the clarification of “What we want”. The next work was focused solely on the background only.


If you are familiar with the current state of Rail Route you can see that we actually implemented one of the concept into the game. It’s the one with the diamonds. It works like a dynamic background decoration. The more you use the rails the more decorations are around it. Very satisfying. We also tried a few variations to these concepts but we did not finished them.

Logo & Cover

He also made a beautiful logo & promotional image for the itch.io. I personally find very hard to create a logotype or this kind of graphics but he actually made it pretty easily. We liked the result very much!

Here are the mock ups and variations for the logo itself. I think we chose the best one, right?

And finally the cover image. We found it superb. Actually the possible maximum what we can get from the current state of the game.

The End of the Era

Unfortunately, our guy did not have enough time to continue to work with us so in the end we still did not have a good artist. But at least we have moved somewhere with that one. It was actually the first usable content.

“I’m starting my final year of college next week, which will pretty much require all of my attention and time for its duration. Because of this I will probably be unable to provide any more work for you guys, at least until my life settles down a bit more”

Thank you for your work.

Do you like these concepts? What do you think of them?

Available for PC  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

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  1. Zsolt 23. 02. 2020 at 22.07 - Reply

    I do not like them at all. They don’t look realistic at all. They look modern but absolutely not like how a train dispatching interface looks. Of course, if you are aiming to develop an arcade game, it looks fine. But if you plan a serious simulation then definitely drop the above look.

  2. Fastercoder4000 24. 07. 2020 at 00.25 - Reply

    I like it.

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