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You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

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Rail Route 0.9 on Is Out – Tunnels Introduced

Next feature alpha update of Rail Route is on the itch.io platform so you can download the latest alpha preview of our game – a rail network management and operations simulator.

Tunnels Introduced

When first rails were laid in mines centuries ago, tunnels were already there. Since then, tunnels were a natural (but expensive) choice when there was a hump to overcome or where the surface space was too restricted for the flat curves of the railways. As the traffic intensity increased, tunnels and bridges were constructed to achieve grade separation – various forms of flying junctions were erected.

Based on this and the feedback from the community we introduce tunnels to Rail Route.

There are no bridges (yet) in the Rail Route – we consider tunnels are universal enough to model any grade separation junction

Flying junction

Fretin triangle (France)

Tunnels in Play Mode

In play mode, you can build tunnels once you research Tunnels. The build is constrained by walls and space available – tunnel can not be built if a track connecting its portals can not be build (existing builds are not considered). For example, these tunnels are not allowed in Play Mode.

Illegal tunnels in Play Mode

This is the reason why both track ends must be constructed first to be connected by the tunnel – the orientation of tracks matters. Reversely, you have to bulldoze the tunnel first to bulldoze the tracks it connects.

Tunnel length is derived from the length of the underground connection and it determines its price. Tunnels are expensive – each 4 additional cells make the tunnel roughly twice as expensive. Take it into account specially when you try to use tunnels to solve some situation in narrow space. Example:

This tunnel is expensive…

…because of this.

Tunnels in Editor Mode

The constraints mentioned above do not apply in Editor Mode – walls can be undermined and narrow spaces do not matter. If the connector can be constructed, tunnel has its length, otherwise it has the length of the shortest connection between the portals. The length can be overridden to any value; connector shape is discarded if you do so.

Further Improvements

We introduce the Automatic Routing Queue – each automated signal has its queue where routes are added if you or some automation rule requests them but they are not possible in the moment of creation (due to tracks being allocated or occupied). Once one of the routes is possible, it is created automatically (if more than one become possible at the same time, first of them is created).

Queue with two routes enqueued

Queue in action

This also makes the Perpetual Route possible. It is an route that recreates itself once possible. You can use them e. g. if you put multiple signals on long tracks to increase capacity and you do not want to operate them manually.

Perpetual route application example

We also fixed many bugs, improved performance and worked hard on visual impression of the game.


If you want something other in the game, just tell us in the comments. And lastly don’t forget to join our Discord community server.



Available for PCΒ  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❀️ Thanks for your great support!

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  1. Hal 10. 08. 2023 at 19.42 - Reply

    You need to show a simple route as demo prior to purchase – as inducement to purchase.

    • mithril 04. 09. 2023 at 20.42 - Reply

      You are reacting to a really old post. Since its publication we published the game on steam and we also published a free game called Rail Route: The Story of Jozic that can be seen as a demo of Rail Route.


      You can also buy a full game, try it and then refund it according to Steam Refund Policy.

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