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Update 17 on Unstable: Dive Deep into Shunting! 🚂

Greetings Rail Route and train enthusiasts! We may have been silent, but we’ve definitely been busy! 🚂

Remember the last major update? Well, hold onto your conductor hats because here we go again, revamping our Unstable version with another mega update.

And, guess what? We want YOU to try it with us!  How to join?

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  2. Check #unstable-version channel

Update 17 – Core of Shunting

This update lays the foundation for new game mechanics aptly titled “shunting commands”. Now, you can queue various commands for a train, which are executed as the situation allows. To access this new feature, simply enter the train’s queue configuration view.

Multi-leg (regional) trains automation

We’re putting the spotlight on regional trains. Initially, letting trains sit on platforms during their intermission is all well and good. But space is a luxury, and as it dwindles, shunting trains to stabling areas becomes imperative.

Shunting Commands

We’re rolling out these shunting commands to keep your trains in tip-top shape:

  • Go To Signal: Directs the train to a specific signal.
  • Go To Shunting Group: Sends the train to a designated shunting group.
  • Go To Platform: Routes the train to a chosen platform.
  • Reverse: Reverses the direction of the train.
  • Reuse Command: Switches the train to next leg

Shunting Circuit

For the commands to work, you’ll need the all-new shunting circuit. Build it next to any auto signal, and when a train with shunting commands halts in front of that signal, the circuit will kick into action and execute the next command in line.

Shunting Track

Introducing the Shunting Track – a place where trains can take a breather. Position it on any track and assign it to a group using a letter. Then, with the Go To Shunting Group command, guide multiple trains to the designated shunting tracks in the group.

Stabling Sensor

Thinking about how to automatically bestow shunting commands on a train? The Stabling Sensor is your answer. Installed on platforms, it equips any train ending its leg on that platform with pre-set commands.

What’s Next in Shunting?

This isn’t the end of our shunting journey. Future updates will see us expanding on this framework, introducing even more commands and scenarios. For example, detaching locomotives and shunting them to the opposite side using a turn-around sensor. We’re confident this sets the stage for a series of exciting developments.

Improved Contracts Planning

Here’s a biggie: a complete overhaul of contract planning. Rather than just showing Origin, Mandatory, and Destination stations, you’ll see every stopover in between. This will bring clarity to station timelines and make routing sensor configurations even more intuitive.

Adding/Removing Waypoints

The system now calculates the shortest route for contracts, but you’re not stuck with it. Need to change course? Simply add waypoints, and the train’s route adjusts in real-time.

UI & Sensor Configuration Enhancements

In line with our commitment to UI improvements, sensor configurations have been relocated directly within your layout. This ensures a more seamless experience. We’ve also revamped the Routing Sensor configuration based on feedback, allowing for a more logical approach to station connections.

Improved Build Menu

Yes, we acknowledge our recent build menu didn’t quite hit the mark. But as we’ve always maintained, iterative refinement is our mantra. Feast your eyes on the revamped visuals; we’re sure you’ll find them much more appealing!

Offered Contracts List

Your wish is our command! Want a consolidated view of all offered contracts? We’ve got you covered. The Offered Contracts List is now handily positioned next to active contracts, all a click away from the main navigation button.

Thank you for journeying with Rail Route. We’re excited to see how you leverage these new additions. If you appreciate our never-ending effort to improve and enhance the game, please consider leaving us a review. Your feedback not only helps us grow but also brings more rail enthusiasts into our community. Join the conversation on our community platforms for the latest updates and discussions.

Until our tracks cross again next time, keep the trains running!




Available for PC  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

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