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Rail Route Update 18.1: Adding more train candy to Update 18

Hello fellow Rail Route enthusiasts!

We’re excited to bring you additional improvements of Rail Route Update 18, with changes to enhance your railway management experience.

Composition condition for stabling sensor

The stabling sensor now offers a new configuration option, allowing you to define rules based on the position of the train’s locomotive. This enhancement provides greater flexibility in managing your railway network, especially during train stabling and intermissions.


Heading (next station) condition for shunting sensor improved

Our shunting sensor just got smarter! We’ve introduced a new configuration option in the station list that allows you to set precise rules for when shunting commands should be triggered. You can now specify whether a station should match the train’s next stop or any remaining station in the train’s timetable. This gives you even more control over train operations and automation.


Tutorials Section in Menu

We’ve finally added a dedicated ‘Tutorials’ section to the Maps page in the Main Menu. These tutorials are designed to help you master new features and improve your rail management skills. Go learn something new!


Updated Train Bottom Bar

We’ve given the train bottom bar a makeover for improved usability. The control buttons are now larger and spaced out, making it easier to manage your trains during gameplay. Say goodbye to accidental taps and hello to smoother operations!


Improved Train Labels

Selected train labels have been enhanced to adapt to your zoom level. Now, when you click on a train, its label will increase in size, ensuring you can easily read important information about the train’s status and schedule.

Full changelog:

NEW: Added tutorial section to main menu maps page
NEW: Functionality in shunting sensor rules that will allow you to decide if the train next station visit will trigger the sensor or any of the remaining station visits will
NEW: Selected Train label scales with zoom
NEW: Stabling sensor rule can now specify the train composition that will trigger the sensor

UPDATE: Increased bottom bar heights and improved train bottom bar button section
UPDATE: Localizations (fr: tutorials, ui; nl: ui)
UPDATE: Localizations (nl: research, tutorials, ui; fr: ui)
UPDATE: Moved buttons and reward sections around on train bottom bar
UPDATE: Regional contracts made the first item in Red category
UPDATE: in-game menu buttons no longer shown at edges of the screen when using wide aspect ratios

FIX: Arrival and departure time in station visit view were showing negative numbers if the minus button clicked while the shown time is 00:00
FIX: Clicking empty space while editing contract in editor would desync bottom bar from info panels
FIX: Performance drop in auto accept train chapter in SOJ
FIX: Relay Sensor connector is visible at the left down corner of the map before building it
FIX: Sensors & Routing Queue upgrades did not have Automatic Routing as prerequisite
FIX: Side configuration panels did not account for changing bottom bar heights and had incorrect shadow sprites
FIX: Term 'Advance Time' was used instead of correct 'Time in Advance' in Shunting Commands tutorial
FIX: Train was auto-reversed after reversed manually at dead-end platform

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these updates. We’ve been listening to your feedback and working diligently to make Rail Route an even more enjoyable experience. As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions in our Discord community. Your feedback helps shape the future of Rail Route!

– The Rail Route Team


Available for PC  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

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