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You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

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Update 19: Rail Route’s Latest Features Unveiled!

Hello Rail Enthusiasts!

We’re excited to bring you the latest update for Rail Route – Update 19! This update introduces new features and improvements to enhance your railway management experience. Don’t forget to join our Discord community for engaging discussions, insights, and connections with fellow rail fans and our dev team!

Now, let’s explore the new features!

Perpetual Circuit: A Fresh Approach

The Perpetual Circuit is a game-changer for continuous route allocation. Built onto an auto signal, it ensures the same path is allocated every game tick. Say goodbye to manual adjustments for long one-way block segments!

In Endless mode, find the Perpetual Circuit under a new System Upgrade, complete with a dedicated tutorial. In Timetable and Rush Hour modes, this circuit is readily available for seamless gameplay.

New Endless Scoring System: Aim for the High Score!

We’ve revamped the scoring for Endless maps, now measuring your success by the highest sum of experience points (Green + Red) earned during a cycle. This change offers a clearer measure of your rail network’s efficiency. Climb the leaderboards, coming soon!

Improved Victory Screens: Celebrate Your Success

Victory screens in Timetable and Rush Hour modes have received a UI and immersion makeover. Endless mode will follow, ensuring your accomplishments are celebrated in style.

Simplified Station Construction: Build with Ease

Simplified Station Construction streamlines building. Build stations and platforms from the menu, connect platforms to stations, and configure platform sinks effortlessly.

Updated Bottom Bar: Smoother Navigation

The bottom bar designs now match the train bottom bar for intuitive navigation.

Message Log for Jozic: Never Miss a Beat

Follow Jozic’s narrative story with the new Message Log, ensuring you catch every detail during your adventures on the Prague map.

Demo Version Now Available!

Curious about Rail Route but not quite ready to commit? We’ve got you covered!
The demo is back! Dive into rail network management and get a taste of the addictive gameplay that awaits.

We can also inform that the price has just been lowered in Poland and China, to adapt to local purchase power.

We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are! Join our Discord community to share your experiences with Update 19 and stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes.

Until next time, keep those trains on track and your railways running smoothly!

– The Rail Route Team


Full Changelog

  • NEW: A bubble icon on the task panel that will open the `Message log` in the story of Jozic so you can see the previous subtitles if you missed some
  • NEW: Cumulative time & average speed shown for mandatory stop & destination in Contract Configuration when train passes stations
  • NEW: Edit map button in game mode if the map was loaded from editor
  • NEW: Map settings check in editor that all stations that are used as an origin station in the timetable should at least have one platform with a sink
  • NEW: New cycle period marked as yellow vertical line in station info panel timelines
  • NEW: Perpetual circuit system upgrade that will unlock the Perpetual circuit building item, building this circuit on a semaphore allows it to make a perpetual route
  • NEW: Platforms in editor are built from the construction menu instead of the stations panel
  • NEW: Station sign item button in the construction menu in bottom bar
  • UPDATE: Border toggle removed from the station configuration panel in editor
  • UPDATE: Changed modal backgrounds to match new UI style
  • UPDATE: Conductor Offices pre-built in stock Endless maps in suitable locations
  • UPDATE: Contract platform dropdown now highlighted when platform is selected
  • UPDATE: Dispatcher office required warning message won’t be shown in the station configuration view if no red contract upgrade is unlocked
  • UPDATE: Dotted connectors are below tracks level. Tunnels have exception.
  • UPDATE: Export stations button has been moved from stations panel to save and share panel
  • UPDATE: Learn auto signal task will not be activated if the clicked signal has no possible free destinations to make a route to
  • UPDATE: Offices required warning messages in the station configuration view will not be shown in editor
  • UPDATE: Replaced Rail Route logo in illustrations with new yellow logo
  • UPDATE: Replaced old UI style leader boards with new UI style
  • UPDATE: Sinks can now be built only from the platform configuration view
  • UPDATE: Slowed down star reward animations on victory screens
  • UPDATE: Updated general, contract and contract focus view bottom bar designs to match train bottom bar
  • UPDATE: Updated rush hour and timetable ending screens with new UI style and controller support
  • UPDATE: Waiting train icons will no longer be hidden in build mode in Rush hour
  • UPDATE: opening configuration views is now allowed in the construction mode
  • FIX: Achievements localization keys fixed after score changes
  • FIX: Bottom left menu buttons where visible during rush hour wave completed screen
  • FIX: Contract in editor was not properly updated after deleting used station or all platforms on used station
  • FIX: Disabled navigation on modals containing only buttons with keybind to avoid confusion
  • FIX: It was not possible to upgrade/downgrade tunnel speed with tunnel in hand
  • FIX: Item video had incorrect aspect ratio on build button tooltip
  • FIX: Mandatory station was not set when creating a contract in editor
  • FIX: Missing word in main menu add map page
  • FIX: Error when there was no suitable station found when generating Reg contract
  • FIX: Only one attached sensor was triggered when train finished shunting by stopping at signal (now: all attached sensors are triggered)
  • FIX: Plain signs were being included in the number of active stations in the system upgrades bottom bar
  • FIX: Screenshot of previously loaded map was shown when opening main menu after creating a new map
  • FIX: Scrolling info panels on the side interrupted when pointer was between info panels or on time offset slider
  • FIX: Some contract icons were loaded twice
  • FIX: Station signs that have no platforms were not being highlighted for selection
  • FIX: Train jitters when focusing the camera on it while moving
  • FIX: Train was incorrectly reused when just exiting the Coach Yard resulting in occupied CY and track after save&load
  • FIX: UI was scaled too narrow on some ultrawide configurations
  • FIX: Upgrade does not immediately become available when its parent has been installed
  • FIX: platform number background sprite had line artefact on certain zoom levels


Available for PC  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

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