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You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

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Rail Route 1.0 arriving on February 22nd!

Hello Rail Routers!

Hey everyone, Angel here – your fellow rail enthusiast. I’m over the moon to announce that Rail Route is gearing up for its full release on February 22nd! This isn’t just a milestone; it’s a celebration of our journey together.

🎉 Rail Route’s full release date announced! 🎉

📅 Mark Your Calendars: February 22nd A Red-Letter Day in Rail Route History! 📅

Don’t miss out on our epic LIVE stream on our Steam page, where I’ll be joined by a special guest. And it’s more than just a launch; this will be a grand celebration of our shared passion of trains.

The rail log: Our Early Access expedition

As we approach this significant milestone, let’s look back at our voyage through Early Access. It’s been an extraordinary journey with Rail Route, filled with challenges, learning, and triumphs. The game has really changed to the better a lot in so many areas.

In-depth journey insights & lessons:


  • Crafting a Visionary Roadmap: Learning the importance of a well-thought-out 1-2 year roadmap has been a game-changer for us.
  • Navigating Changes and Choices: Each change was a stepping stone, each decision a lesson in resilience and foresight.
  • Evolving Game Design: Our experiences have honed our game design skills, allowing us to create a more engaging and enriching experience for our players.
  • Update Consistency: Committing to regular updates has been crucial in keeping Rail Route dynamic and stable.


Milestones & Achievements:


100 000 copies sold – and counting! A significant milestone that fills us with gratitude and fuels our ambitions for post-release success.

The challenge of compatibility:

An enormous task we undertook was maintaining compatibility with all Early Access saves, workshop maps, and previous choices. This required a delicate balance between innovation and respect for our players’ existing experiences. It wasn’t just about adding new features; it was about preserving the legacy and effort of our community.

The result of our experience:

All these experiences, combined with our superior software development methodology, have led us to this remarkable pace of updates and enhancements. It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and your unwavering support that we’ve achieved such an incredible speed in our development cycle.

Update highlights

Each update brought unique enhancements and features, continuously shaping ‘Rail Route’ into the game it is today. Here’s a brief overview:

Update 1: Introduced keybindings and urban trains.
Update 2: Narrated tutorial with Jozic, new contract managers, and sound design by S. Ronchtetti.
Update 3: Copy & paste, track colors, trial trains in editor, and an inventory system for timetable maps.
Update 4: Launched the Rush Hour game mode.
Update 5: Added Rush Hour Leaderboards and Contests.
Update 6: Unveiled ‘The Story of Jozic’.
Update 7: Introduced track alerts, signals on corners, and achievements.
Update 8: Enhanced sensors with stacking and advanced features.
Update 9: Debuted a new menu, all-track crossings, and incoming train icons.
Update 10: Improved seamless menu transition and save naming.
Update 11: Updated construction mechanics for automatic track building.
Update 12: Overhauled UI and contract planning.
Update 13: Implemented UI/UX tweaks.
Update 14: Added regional trains and the Dispatcher Office.
Update 15: Improved schedule planning.
Update 16: Introduced new system upgrades.
Update 17: Featured the Shunting Sensor, Relay Sensor, and the Conductor Office.
Update 18: Introduced the Relay and Shunting Sensors.
Update 19: Introduced Perpetual Circuit and Endless Scoring.
Update 20: Visual updates, Contract Planning over user tracks

Update 21: 1.0 release … 22 Feb 2024 …


Looking forward: Beyond 1.0

The journey doesn’t end with the full release. Our commitment to you continues with ongoing updates and exciting DLCs, always balancing passion and bold ideas with reality.

Update 22: ???
Update 23: ???
Update 24: ???

🔜 Multiplayer Mode Teaser: And guess what? We’re tantalizingly close to unveiling the multiplayer mode!

📢 Spread the Word: Amplify the Excitement 📢

We’re counting on you to help make this launch a roaring success! Share the excitement with your friends but remember to keep the biggest buzz for February 22nd!

Together, let’s make Rail Route’s full release a landmark event in the gaming world!


Warm regards,

Angel, your Executive Producer and Rail Routing enthusiast


Available for PC  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

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