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Rail Route Update 20: Enhancing Your Railroad Empire

Hello Rail Enthusiasts!

We’re thrilled to announce the new Update 20. Today, we’re pulling into the station with some exciting news that’s bound to make your railroad management experience even more thrilling. As always, don’t forget to hop on board our Discord community to stay in the loop and connect with fellow rail enthusiasts and our dedicated dev team!

Rail Route 1.0 arriving on February 22nd!

Don’t miss out on our epic LIVE stream on our Steam page, where I’ll be joined by a special guest. And it’s more than just a launch; this will be a grand celebration of our shared passion of trains.

Now, let’s embark on this journey and explore what’s new!

Improved Contract Configuration: Precision is Key

In Rail Route Update 20, we’ve fine-tuned the contract configuration process. A new algorithm takes the reins when you accept a contract, ensuring your railroad schedules are as precise as ever. This updated system calculates routing for intermediary stations based on your existing tracks, taking into account actual track speeds. Platform selection is now streamlined, with pre-selection based on search results.

But that’s not all! If the algorithm encounters any hiccups along the way, it falls back to the original one, highlighting problematic segments with dashed lines. Our aim? To boost accuracy and make contract scheduling smoother than a well-oiled locomotive.

3rd Star Reward for Endless Mode: Reach for the Stars

Ever felt like something was missing on your endless railway journeys? Well, we’ve got just the ticket for you! While you could earn 2-star awards on endless maps before, one for red traffic and one for green traffic, the elusive 3rd star remained out of reach, until now.

With Update 20, you can now aim for that coveted 3rd star on endless maps as well! To unlock it, you’ll need to reach a certain score threshold. But here’s the twist – you can configure this threshold in your custom maps. Just head to the system upgrades menu, where you can also set the thresholds for the red and green stars.

Hover over the score at the top of your screen, and you’ll find your progress toward earning that 3rd star next to the cycle report. And yes, you guessed it right – endless leaderboards and contests are on the horizon!

Victory Screen for Endless Mode: Celebrate Your Triumphs

Victory screens have been a hit in Rush Hour and Timetable modes, and now, endless mode joins the celebration! When you earn a star on an endless map, a panel on the right side of your screen will notify you of your achievement.

You can choose to simply hide this panel or view details, which will open the victory screen. On this screen, you’ll see how many stars you’ve earned and how close you are to unlocking the remaining ones. Want to check your progress at any time? Just click on the score at the top of your screen.

Shunting Trains Visualization: Keeping Things on Track

In this update, we’ve given our trains a fresh look and enhanced their visual cues. Trains now clearly indicate their travel direction. But that’s not all – trains in shunting mode sport a different appearance, making it easy to identify which trains won’t stop at stations or be handled by sensors because they are currently shunting.

Particles and Animations: A Visual Treat

If you’ve enjoyed the particle effects and animations while configuring contracts, you’re in for a treat! Update 20 introduces more dazzling effects across the game. From tracks to sensors and signals, these effects not only enhance the game’s aesthetics but also provide clarity on the elements you’re interacting with.

Improved Sounds: A Symphony of Rails

We’ve fine-tuned the soundscape of Rail Route. Different train types, like Com, IC, Reg, Freight, and Urban, now have distinct sound variations. Train sounds are intelligently positioned based on your zoom level and time speed, immersing you in the railroad experience. Plus, we’ve added new sounds for the victory screen – a harmonious reward for your achievements.

With Rail Route Update 20, we’re excited to bring you these enhancements and more. Join our Discord community to share your experiences with this update and stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of Rail Route.

Until next time, keep those trains on track and your railways running smoothly!

– The Rail Route Team


Full Changelog

NEW: Added 3 new music tracks
NEW: Added 3rd star reward for endless maps based on total amount of trains per cycle
NEW: Added star progression indicator to endless cycle report
NEW: Added tooltip to inventory amount editor on building buttons in map editor
NEW: Contract Schedule computation determines passed stations according to existing layout
NEW: Contract Schedule computation determines travel times according to tracks speed
NEW: Contract Schedule computation falls back to original search if some stations not connected (visualized by dashed line)
NEW: Contract Schedule computation finds fastest instead of shortest path
NEW: Contract Schedule computation in Editor determines passed stations & travel times according to existing layout when schedule recalculated
NEW: Different sounds for different train types
NEW: Fullscreen victory screen with star rewards can be shown on endless
NEW: Game Over sound
NEW: More visual effects for the board items
NEW: Punch animation on clicking a an item on the board
NEW: Route decoration particles on highlighting a manual signal
NEW: Station search in Debug Panel

UPDATE: Highlighting an auto signal that has a queued route will not only highlight the destination track but also the whole path on the way
UPDATE: Increased color of inactive perpetual circuit icon to be better visable
UPDATE: Localizations (cs: achievements; de: achievements, research; en: achievements; es: achievements; fr: achievements, research, ui; hu: achievements, research; it: achievements; ja-JP: achievements, research; ko: achievements, research; nl: all; no: achievements, ui; pl: achievements, research; pt-BR: achievements; pt: achievements; ru: achievements, research; sv: achievements; zh-HK: achievements; zh-Hans: all; zh-Hant: achievements; exports_pl: achievements)
UPDATE: Reduced thresholds for when endless stars are awarded for red and green traffic
UPDATE: The cross button in task panel now have a text which indicates that you can end the tutorial by clicking on it
UPDATE: Trains in shunting mode now have different sprite on locomotive

PERF: Contract Configuration view initialization spread to multiple frames to prevent single big lag

FIX: Bottom bar for train with rejected contract was still shown after rejecting the contract
FIX: Entering WASD values in shunting track configuration field would move the camera
FIX: Input fields required two clicks to lose focus after typing in them instead of just one
FIX: Map completion indicator in menu did not update after receiving stars
FIX: Perpetual circuit was not being refunded when its signal gets bulldozed
FIX: Shunting / Stabling Sensor train composition condition was ignored when no destination was selected (‘other destinations’ rule)
FIX: Signals that were hidden under the lock sign were clickable in the tutorial
FIX: Some station signs where having a black text instead of white in buy mode which made it hard to read
FIX: Switches was not being allocated in buy mode
FIX: Task tooltip shake effect was too much aggressive in the tutorial
FIX: Train in shunting mode was not disposed by Coach Yard
FIX: Trains arriving within a minute aftter their scheduled arrival were marked as delayed on the train bottom bar schedule
FIX: Unlocking auto accept trains upgrade does not enable auto accept trains toggle until the station configuration view is closed and opened again
FIX: Endless mode map completion screen could be shown on timetable and rush hour maps by clicking the score

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Available for PC  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

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