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You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

Update 10 is OUT, let’s celebrate Valentrains Day <3

This week we want to celebrate all you dispatchers out there by sharing some Valentine’s love. To start with we’re releasing another update with tender loving bug fixes, and Rail Route is also on sale at a discount for all the aspiring dispatchers out there that haven’t jumped on the train yet.

Menu and game scene combination

As a fairly large change internally, we have combined the menu and game scenes resulting in improved loading times and an overall improved user experience. Upon loading the game for the first time, your last played game or edited map will be loaded in the background. Allowing you to quickly resume where you left off. This change is also part of our transition to the new user interface style and better controller support as we are slowly updating all UI elements.In addition this changes makes it easier for us to improve loading times ever further in the future when switching between editing a map and playing the map as we would not have to load the level twice, once for each mode.

Naming new saves

As a quality of life improvement we added the ability to give your save a name before you make a save. Previously you had to save the game, open the load game menu and then edit the name of your new save. And all this is now also done in our new UI style.

Featured maps

As talked about in last week’s News post, we added a featured maps section to the main menu.You can find this next to the News section. Here we will feature a map from the workshop that we or the community loves and want to highlight. You can play the map the same way the contest currently works.

New loading screen

Upon opening the game you will notice that we have a new loading screen! This loading screen looks a lot better than the simple black background with a simple loading icon that was there before.The new look fits a lot better with the game, look at that train go!

Open in workshop button

It may not be a big addition but it’s nice. On maps that you downloaded from the Steam Workshop, you will now see a “Workshop” button. This will open the map on the Steam Workshop.

Bug fixes

As always we created, found and fixed a lot of bugs with this update. Everything from completely broken saves to buttons not showing when they should.


NEW: Featured map shown on current game page
NEW: Open in Workshop buttons displayed on Current Game and map detail pages when relevant
NEW: Previous save loads immediately after game starts, menu is displayed as overlay over it. Works as pause menu as well.
NEW: Skipping cutscenes action added
NEW: Conguent map added for Valentine’s day celebration

UPDATE: Localizations (cs: achievements, research, tutorials; de: ui; hu: achievements; fr: ui; nl: all; no: ui; pl: all)
UPDATE: New loading screen upon game start
UPDATE: nl is now considered translated while jp and de in progress (fell below 90 % threshold)
UPDATE: Removed Reset All button from Options
UPDATE: Updated graph to new UI style and added Rush Hour progress graph to current game page

PERF: Start-up speedup – do not populate Upgrades UI in non-endless levels

FIX: Active contest could hide map item
FIX: Closing panel button for some panels in editor did not work
FIX: Closing modal when another is open unpaused time when it should not
FIX: Controller support could break after moving analog sticks
FIX: Detail pages for contest and featured map did not show correct screenshot
FIX: Flying score elements where invisible on Rush Hour wave completion
FIX: Keybind to reset ui scale did not apply to the scale of the main menu
FIX: Keybound buttons were triggered even when button was hidden
FIX: Loading failed when a referenced station no more existed
FIX: Losing wave 3 in prague rush map took player back to prague and finished the story
FIX: Map string field was not interactable
FIX: Menu scale was too small
FIX: Navigation did not work on some modals in the menu
FIX: Penalization log was not cleared when a map was edited so it was stored in savedMap.bytes and doubled on each editing
FIX: Perpetual route toggle could be set even when that upgrade was not unlocked
FIX: Removing all saves from active level while game over screen was shown still showed restart from last save button
FIX: Rush Hour tutorial being played on each map even if skipped
FIX: Save loading failed for saves containing overriden routes from some signals.
FIX: Second of music was played when starting game
FIX: Story didnt continue when save modal was opened and time keybinds didnt work after load
FIX: Story save before Prague Rush story could not be found when another level was loaded before
FIX: The background blur was removed when the delete map dialogue was hidden while the menu was still shown
FIX: Time keybinds did not work upon continuing save after first game load
FIX: Timetable panel was empty when returning to editor after a trial train
FIX: Various UI elements had incorrect sorting orders resulting in incorrectly hidden or shown elements
FIX: Walls buttons were missing in the editor

Available for PC  – Win / Linux / Mac

You’ll receive a Steam key for Rail Route directly from the developers of the game.

❤️ Thanks for your great support!

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